5 Apps to Help You Successfully Navigate the College Application Process

Applying to college is one of the most daunting, laborious, and stressful processes all teenagers will go through.

Preparing and completing all requirements which include your college essays and recommendation letters will take a lot of time and effort. You will also have to check and double-check all these documents to ensure they meet all the college or university requirements.

Additionally, you will have to prepare for your ACT or SAT test. This means regularly attending SAT preparation classes, doing self-reviews, and taking mock exams. You will also have to prepare for your college admission interviews as well.

Moreover, you will have to do all of these while attending your regular classes, reviewing for quizzes and exams, and participating in your chosen extracurricular activities. You will also have to squeeze in time to socialize with your friends and bond with your family.

If you are currently a high school senior student or will soon be one, it is highly likely you will find all these overwhelming. And once you become disorganized and lose focus, your studies will suffer. You will have a more difficult time entering your dream college or university as well.

Essential College Application Apps

Knowing and using the right apps will help you navigate the whole college application process successfully and survive your senior year in high school.

If you’re still searching for the most useful apps to use, make sure you install these ones first:

1.     Common App onTrack

The Common Application is a non-profit member organization that allows students to streamline their application to different colleges and universities.

By using this platform, students can apply to multiple colleges and universities at one time without physically visiting these campuses or their websites. You simply have to fill out details that most schools require such as your name, address, parental employment, educational background, and extracurricular activities.

Once done, you can choose the colleges and universities that you want to apply to on this site and complete your application with them.

After creating your account and starting your applications, download the Common App onTrack to track your application progress on your iPhone or Android device. You can also use this app to do other things such as:

  • Adding or removing schools from your list
  • Checking your submission status for each school
  • Setting deadlines and reminders for submitting requirements
  • Receiving notifications about deadlines and pending tasks

2.     College Advisor

College Advisor is an app by Princeton Review.

This app will help you come up with a list of the schools that best suits your goal, interests, GPA, test scores, and budget or tuition needs. It will also sort out your possible next school into three classifications: dream, target and safety.

Aside from providing basic information about the different colleges and universities, the app also has a student review section for each school so that you can have a better idea and feel of what it would be like to attend a particular university or college.

3.     YouVisit

Visiting various campuses is one of the most enjoyable parts of applying to college. However, it can be tedious, not to mention expensive, especially if you plan on studying overseas.

YouVisit is an app that allows you to “visit” different universities and colleges wherever you are. It provides users a virtual tour of various campuses including that of Harvard and Yale.

These tours include maps, photos, and videos. Some tours also come with a virtual guide with audio and text information about each stop. And if you have a VR headset, you can take a virtual reality tour of certain colleges

4.     SAT Up

Prepare for your SAT whenever you have free time, wherever you are by downloading the SAT Up app.

This app provides users daily “brain workouts” to help students be more prepared for the actual SAT test. You can take practice sessions anytime and anywhere.

Similar to the SAT diagnostic test you took if you are attending a formal prep class, the app also gives users regular progress reports and provides adaptive feedback on the parts of the test.

If you will be taking up the ACT, there is a similar app for this test called “ACT Up.”

5.     Scholarships.com

In case you are also on the lookout for a financial grant to help support your studies, you will have an easier time finding the right ones you are eligible for by downloading the Scholarships.com app.

With this app, simply input all required information including your GPA, test scores, preferred course, areas of interest, and the financial background of your parents. Afterward, you will be given a list of possible scholarships that fit your requirements.

The Scholarships.com app is regularly updated with new information and scholarships; as such, you will be sure you won’t be wasting your time applying to unavailable or closed scholarships.

When applying to different colleges, use technology to stay organized, focused, and productive throughout the whole process. Start by installing the apps listed above to breeze through the typically stressful, labor-extensive college application process.


Maloy Burman is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Premier Genie FZ LLC. He is responsible for driving Premier Genie into a leadership position in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education space in Asia, Middle East and Africa and building a solid brand value. Premier Genie is currently running 5 centers in Dubai and 5 centers in India with a goal to multiply that over the next 5 years.