Best Online Resources for MCAT Prep Course

If you are a pre-med student and looking forward to signing up for an MCAT Prep Course soon, we assure, you have landed in the right place. Yes, after hours of extensive research, we are going to present you a brief on the top five MCAT prep resources here in this post. So, make sure to check out our expert’s review before you go for any particular course at random. Let’s get started without delay!

1.      MCAT Prep Course (Magoosh)

One of the most reliable online resources for MCAT Prep Course is the Magoosh online prep course. It helps you improve your MCAT score by a minimum of 5 points as stated by many test takers. There are two options for online courses available. One is the 1-month course and another one is the 12 months course. Choose your preferred course. Both the courses will give you a 7-day money back offer which is indeed a great opportunity to check out the course materials. This course contains video lessons, practice tests and detailed text information, targeted study schedule, updated test materials, and careful analysis of the instructors. You can review your performance by the smart feedback and progress tracker as well.

2.      MCAT Test Prep Classes Online (Princeton Review)

The Princeton Review online course is considered the most flexible MCAT prep course available online. You can see four different modes of this very course naming Strategy, Ultimate, Tutoring and Self-paced. All of them are equally effective but to be honest, the Self-paced one is the most popular among students. The Princeton Review course includes Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, and Organic Chemistry. You will be learning to solve the complex topics of each subject and be able to prepare effective schedule to get ready for MCAT. You can learn from the expert tutors, use custom-built apps, get access to full-length practice tests and tools like Drills, Medflix, etc. This online course is very helpful to crack the MCAT test at the very first approach.

3.      MCAT Prep Course (Next Step)

Next Step is another popular online course that includes a number of test prep courses. This very course is structured to make every student aware of the details of MCAT exam including scores, syllabus, subject topics, timing and so on. The course is specially designed to help pre-med students. And, you will find a customized study plan, practice tests, updated content, live online help, expert MCAT tutors, etc. in this course.

4.      MCAT Prep Course (Kaplan)

Kaplan is called the first choice of people who want to pass the MCAT exam without too much reading. This book helps to understand the basic concepts of each subject and get a higher score at the same time. The online course has different modes of training including Live Online, Self-paced and In Person and all of these are effective courses. You will be benefitted much if you choose the Plus category of every mode. The course offers you to understand how to make tricks for a better score in MCAT, get access to 90+ teacher-led classes, access to 15 full-length practice tests and get attention from experts.

5.      MCAT Test Prep (Khan Academy)

For a great MCAT Prep, the Khan Academy online prep course is indeed very useful. It is a free online course suitable for every student out there. The course materials are prepared by the experts of the Association of the American Medical Colleges. The course covers all the areas of the MCAT exam in detail. You will be learning Biomolecules, Physical Processes, Organ Systems, Behavioral Science, etc. and learn to prepare for a higher score from this course.