Crowdfunding for Environmental Awareness Programs in Schools

Yesterday on International Earth Day, which the world celebrates every year on 22nd April, our social media feeds were flooded with people spending expressing their support for environmental protection. About a month ago during earth hour, people uploaded photos off all the lights off in their homes, to conserve energy. We must realize that at a time of environmental and ecological meltdown, everyday needs to be earth day. Meaning that our actions on a daily basis need to be such that we celebrate and protect the earth each day. Having said that, we must not discount the impact of actually celebrating one day or one hour in the year purely for planet earth.

Why this is important? Because when you have everyone speaking with passion about the same subject over social media (which is where we spend a large chunk of our time in the day), you’re actually spreading awareness, and in turn making an impact – through the power of technology and numbers. Online fundraising follows a similar approach of using technology and large numbers to make a difference. By extending the same concept for funding environmental causes, we use online donations and encourage a crowdfunding India, to raise awareness about environmental conservation.

Children and young students still in their formative years are extremely impressionable. Moreover, they’re the future of tomorrow, which is why teaching them to love and protect mother earth at a young age is important. At Impact Guru, we propose this idea to anyone and everyone who is passionate about environmental causes, and needs a little financial help to kickstart environment protection initiatives. Through our crowdfunding India platform, you may raise funds to organize environmental awareness programs in schools and colleges.

To make it even easier for you, here are few great topics to get you started, that you could cover through your programs, and are extremely relevant today.

  1. Effective waste disposal techniques and the importance of wet and dry garbage segregation, first i your homes, then your buildings, and then in your locality.
  2. Walking, cycling, or using public transport to for daily commute to alleviate air pollution.
  3. Switching to solar and renewable energy.
  4. Discontinuing the use of plastic bags for daily use.
  5. The need for recycling and reusing products in your homes.
  6. Conservative usage of water in homes, and also during festivities like holi.

We understand that running awareness programs come at heavy operational costs, be it funding materials and kits to distribute, hiring professionals to speak on certain environment related subjects, creating audio-visual content, or logistical costs such as transport. Through crowdfunding, you may appeal for donations to cover all the above mentioned expenses, with quick and easy campaigns on Impact Guru.

It’s high time we teach the future of our country, the fragility of planet earth, and why we need to protect her. Let us all come together with individual or group initiatives for a sustainable future that is supported by a crowdfunding India.