Marking Scheme of CBSE Class 12 Biology

Class 12 is a crucial year in the life of every individual and students are often seen getting nervous breakdowns as exam inch closer. It’s imperative to prepare well for the CBSE class 12 board exams, as these exams are meant not only for passing the boards but also plays a vital role in deciding the career of each and every student appearing for the exam. The entrance of the students to a good and reputed institution for higher education is purely based on the12 board result of the students. So, the more the students prepare for their exams, the more they score in it.

Every subject of Class 12 Science-maths stream has its own importance. Maths is all about solving and finding solutions to different types of problems. On the other hand, Science is all about what is happening around us Physically, chemically and biologically. When it comes to Science, we cannot stop talking about its branch that deals with the study of the living organisms, Biology. Biology is the biggest fish to fry for all those who want to make their career in Medicines. At the same time, the medical career aspirants should have a strong foundation in the subject as well. Hence, it is necessary to go through the NCERT Biology Class 11 textbooks to strengthen the basics of the students. Apart from the Class 12 Board exams, the biology of class 12 is very important in the Medical Entrance Examination perspective as well. More than 80 questions are asked from class 12 biology in AIPMT medical exam, which is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary education.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Marking Scheme

The total marks for the CBSE Class 12 Biology is 100, of which theory is for 70 marks and practical is for 30 marks.

Given in the table below is the unit wise mark distribution of the NCERT biology class 12 textbook.

Unit Number Unit Name Mark Distribution
1 Reproduction 14
2 Genetics and Evolution 18
3 Biology in Human Welfare 14
4 Biotechnology and its Applications 10
5 Ecology and environmental issue 14
Total 70

Given in the table below is the evaluation scheme of Class 12 Biology- Theory.

Question Types Marks Number of questions
  Very Short Answer (VSA) 1 5
  Short Answer – I (SA– I) 2 10
  Short Answer – II (SA– II) 3 36
  Value Based Question 4 4
  Long Answer (LA) 5 15
Total 70 marks

Given in the table below is the evaluation scheme of Class 12 Biology- Practicals.

Evaluation Scheme Marks
One Major experiment 05
One Minor experiment 04
Slide Preparation 05
Spotting 07
Practical Record + Viva Voice 04
Project Record + Viva Voice 05
Total 30

Assure that the entire CBSE syllabus of Class 12 Biology is learnt according to the CBSE Class 12 marking scheme and weightage of each unit. Students should give special care to finish studying those units with high weightage on priority and the other chapters later on. Studying, by keeping the mark distribution, valuation scheme and question pattern in mind, students can easily score good marks in both theory as well as the practical examination.