The Dwight Global Online School – Bridging Gaps All Around the Globe

With a rich history extending over 150 years, the Dwight Global School has expanded considerably and honourably from its original base in New York. Dwight, as an educational institution, promises to produce a generation of global leaders.

About the program

The Dwight Global Online School was started as a program of Dwight School in 2014. Amongst the high schools online that lend courses and study material for online access, Dwight’s program introduces an added advantage to their repertoire. The academic model is a balanced combination of live-streamed online classes and pre-recorded lectures.

To mention a few merits attributed to this heritage institution, a few pointers are mentioned below with regards to its educational, co-curricular and communal facilities:

  • For regular students, a weekly physical attendance on-campus is more than enough. The high schools online courses that Dwight has to offer include live video streaming, on-demand study material which would be easily accessible for the students, and tutorial sessions.
  • Personal instructors are assigned to students who need additional help.
  • Dwight has a network of branches in London, Seoul, and Shanghai. This network promotes a healthy communication between the campuses where the students are allowed to participate in exchange programs, online programs, and athletic events.
  • With the luxury of Dwight’s online presence, come various opportunities of inviting speakers who specialise in certain fields like art, science, and business.
  • Community service is a key facet to their program. They even promote their students to look out for each other and assist each other on an academic level through peer tutoring.

The Dwight Global Online School is an honourable program that enables students to expand their horizons. Students have the right choose their lifestyle here without the intervention of an educational institute as Dwight itself creates an atmosphere suitable for growth and comfort.