The importance of learning languages

Culture promotion

Learning languages ​​allows an individual to learn about new cultures, and enables him to exchange experiences and knowledge between him and others, which promotes cultural awareness, and through culture a person is able to build relationships with people in different regions of the world, as well as learning to respect different values, races and cultures, and be able to Listening to foreign films, music and literature in their native languages, learning about the history of new countries, and a person can also review and understand their culture in a new way. [1]

Enhance communication with others

Traveling to a foreign country during work or vacation will be easier when mastering several languages, as the person will be able to read newspapers and news and order their preferred food easily, and will find that the local population is more loving and welcoming as a result of speaking in their language and showing interest and understanding of their history and culture. [1]

Enhance intelligence

Fluency in foreign languages ​​and speaking in them would improve the brain’s functions and then enhance intelligence, as a result of the person making sure to know the meanings of different terms, reading those terms with several different meanings, and using several language systems to communicate, and this skill enhances the ability to understand problems Better and then find appropriate solutions to it. [2]

Do multiple tasks

Multilingual people have the ability to switch between speech and writing systems and the linguistic structure, and this ability enables them to switch between different tasks easily, and then accomplish multiple tasks at the same time, and one study has proven that multilingual participants have experimented with driving in an acting or simulated device Driving alongside other separate tasks at the same time better than other participants. [2]

Other benefits of language learning

Language learning improves students’ analytical skills, along with business, creativity and problem-solving skills, promotes opportunities to participate in business, medicine, law, technology, industry and marketing, enhances listening skills, and through which a person realizes the interconnection between language and human nature. [3]


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