Ways in which education eliminates poverty – What are the 3 ways?

Education is one of the key factors which are solely responsible for preventing and reducing global poverty. There are many countries all over the world which have started to realize the vitality of education and they’re investing in it in a noteworthy manner. There are several countries which have committed to make education available to everyone all over the world to make sure that the poverty gradually declines.

While there are Israeli charities like https://www.yadezra.net/ which have created their mark in the society by the mass of work that they’ve done for eradicating poverty and helping the needy in Israel, there are some other nations which are looking forward to immitate their efforts and also play a humble and noble role in eradicating poverty. Here are few ways in which education prevents poverty.


Education can benefit the health of people throughout their lives. Starting from the time when a mother gets pregnant till the time she gives birth to her child, education is important to travel through this journey with ease. It has been seen that women with even 6 years of education will more likely use the prenatal vitamins and other medicines during pregnancy, thereby reducing the risk of infant mortality. The child of an educated mother will also survive to the age of 5 as compared to the child of an uneducated mother. Moreover, educated people are less likely to develop diseases especially HIV/AIDS.


Education has proved to benefit girls and women at a much higher rate than boys. The kind of empowerment which women receive through education is unparalleled by any other factor. Women are much more knowledgeable now about how to take care of their families. Educated women will also delay marriage and have children when they think they’re actually ready for it. Educated women have an increased likelihood of protecting their children against any serious health concern as they know how to combat such diseases.


If you could educate a total population, this could have a natural impact on economic growth. Studies reveal that an added year of schooling can boost the salary of a person by at least 10% in life. This means that the GDP of a country can increase by 1% by offering education for the entire population. Boosting the GDP of a country creates several opportunities for development of trade.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the different ways in which education can prevent poverty, you can keep in mind the above mentioned points and try following them in order to create a difference.