What is data, and how does it affect us?

Data is simply a collection of fact & figures and inform of numbers, text, and observation that we analyze and use as per our requirement. No matter which industry you work in or have heard of, one must have gone through the use of data for planning. Data is just another word for information that is collected by various industries to gather information and experiences of users.

Types of data

Data can be of many types depending on what is it used for. Personal information such as email address, phone number, name, age, and geographical address can be used to develop an application that is used more by a specific age group and location. Scientific data that can be collected from various experiments to build scientific equipment.

Medical data collected over a series of medical examination to create a vaccine. Web data that confirms what do you mostly search on the web. There are multiple data types and multiple ways it can be used. Our life is surrounded by data. Even our life experience is a form of data that we analyze and use to help others. Data Analytics Courses are very useful in learning new data types.

Digitization of Data

With the increased use of the internet and smartphones, data has been completely digitized. Every digital data such as social media profile, online movies, songs, books, etc. have added to better analysis. The data is now machine-readable and used by Data Analyst all over the world can easily use it. Digital data has also removed geographical boundaries, and now data from across the world is readily available.

This is the major reason why Data Analytics Courses is trending among youngsters and is a preferred career choice as well. It can be pursued online and offline and can be very beneficial for someone good with statistical and mathematical analysis as well

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