What should you avoid in a job interview?

If you have been invited for a job interview, then you need to prepare yourself well. Please do keep in mind that what you do and how you behave/perform during an interview will be considered as a work sample. They do not know you as an individual and hence, this will be your first impression and this is how you will be judged. You need to prove to them that you are capable and that you would be an asset for their company. While preparing for an interview, you also need to avoid the following mistakes –

Interest – If you do not show interest, employers might just reject you immediately. You need to show that the job and the company interest you. You need to be dressed well, turn off your phone and give attention to the interview panel. You also need to ask questions that would show that you know about the company and have done your research.

Short of preparation – It cannot be said enough, how important it is to be prepared for a PGP Australiainterview. Not being well prepared would become obvious quite fast and it would create a negative impression for you. Proper preparation also lets you know personally how well suited you are for this particular job and if the job description matches your profile. There are some standard questions that most interviewers would ask you like – tell us about yourself, why do you want to work with us and so on. If you are prepared well, you would be able to answer these questions appropriately. You should also research the company’s website and complete work history. In fact, if you are aware of whom the interviewers would be; then it would be a good idea to look into them too. Check their social media profiles or LinkedIn.

Never be late – You should never ever be late for an interview. That is probably the worst impression that one can create. If you are not familiar with the area where the interview is being conducted then it would be a good idea to pre-visit the place and see how long the trip takes you. You could accordingly time yourself. Always try and be seated early for a job interview.

Body language – Body language speaks a lot about a person’s character. So make sure that you come across as bold and strong without being overbearing. You need to smile, have a firm handshake and make eye contact with the interviewers. Else you would come across as shy or not interested.

Asking the right questions – During the interview, you need to ensure that you ask the right kind of questions. You need to ask questions about the job profile or any other queries about the company’s working or products in general. Do not ask about vacations, benefits, bonuses as such questions will show that you are not serious or are only interested in personal paybacks.

Once the interview is over, many just walk away with a thankyou. Instead you need to find out what the next step would be or if there is someone you can contact if need be. Also always follow up on the interview.