Bad SEO: Reasons why it happens

SEO is becoming more and more critical to businesses worldwide. Since a more significant chunk of visitor and revenue stream moves towards the internet, optimising your website for search engines is crucial. It saves money, improves web traffic, automatically gives you a bigger audience and works for the good of your business and brand. However, not in all cases, SEO is done well, and here are the primary reasons why you get lousy SEO results.

Not original content

Original content and good SEO results go hand in hand. One without the other simply does not exist. If you copy-paste content, you will definitely drop down on Google. Instead, optimise your content by initiating a plagiarism search. Use specialized software to find whether the content you plan to upload is original and will get good SEO. You are going to need a special program to search for plagiarism. The plagiarism search is rather simple.

  1. Upload your file
  2. Start scanning
  3. Get results
  4. Analyse and adapt your content

No keywords

You have to integrate keywords into your website’s content. These are terms which search engine users insert to find your competitors and you. By using keywords such as ‘Bathroom appliances in Michigan’ you surely improve your chances of being at the top of page 1 in Google.

Too many keywords

There should be enough but not too many keywords. Readers will start to suspect something and will not enjoy reading a keyword based text. Along with them – search engines are going to sense and reduce your rating.

0 adjustments

Once a year try to update your content because if you don’t – search engines lower your position.