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Although it sometimes seems different, building a successful blog is a long-term proposition. Not every kind of article is successful in the long run. In this article we would like to give tips on how to write timeless articles that will find many readers after months or years. You can write papers for money thanks to the best services also.

Are news articles useful?

Blogs generally have the effect of decreasing traffic as soon as you stop posting new articles. This is also quite normal, as many blogs are mainly based on news and also have loyal regular readers (RSS and Co.), which of course stay away if you no longer blog (so often). Nevertheless, one should keep in mind what effect current news articles have. Often they bring a lot of visitors over a short period of time, only to disappear completely from the scene after a short time. For this reason, news articles are only partially suitable for the long-term structure of a blog. Depending on the topic, news posts are also useful and should provide some of the content. However, timeless articles are the solid foundation of any successful blog.

The benefit of timeless blog articles

Timeless does not mean that an article has to be up to date 10 years after publication. Anyway, such long periods of time are not possible anymore anyway.

  • But it makes a difference if we write an article “The current PageRank update in October 2011” or if I’m writing an article titled “The Google PageRank and its impact on blog revenue.”
  • The latter may not get quite as many visitors to the release because it does not sound as up-to-date and lurid as it does, but certainly attracts more visitors in the long term.
  • For example, in August 2008, we posted an article entitled “How to find the right company name” on “Self-employed in the Net”.
  • The following Google Analytics chart shows the weekly call numbers since their release until today.

Tips for timeless articles

This article had pretty good first day call numbers (216), but it was not the best start ever. In the following months between 5 and 20 visitors called up the page per day and the numbers went up. Meanwhile, the more than 3-year-old article per day has around 100 page views, a total of exactly 63,231 so far.

Another example is the article ” Quick and easy analysis of your website “. This is now over 4 years old and had a very good start day (131 PageViews) per day for the 10 page views. Also, this number climbed so gradually and is currently at 20-40 per day. Altogether the article was read until today 35.144.

These two examples are meant to show that you do not always have to run after the latest news and trends. If you create a large number of timeless articles over time, you will eventually have the luxury of getting thousands of page views a day through old articles.