Home Schooling- 6 Fun Puzzles for All Preschoolers

Are you seeking ways to challenge your kid’s critical thinking? Well, your choices are limitless. Nowadays, there are various play accessories for homeschoolers. Puzzles are worth mentioning; they are fun and favorite among kids of all ages. That’s not all, though! They will entertain your child and still help them develop a host of essential skills.

 Check out unique puzzles for preschoolers:

    1. See& Spell Puzzle

 The See& Spell puzzle allows kids to practice putting together letters. With this puzzle, you match the words to the pictures. And this helps kids get a visual idea of what the word looks like. It also assists children in figuring out the letter sounds. By letting your child play often, they develop fine motor skills while matching the words to form sentences. 

  1. The Rubik’s cube

https://mastercubestore.com/ stocks multiple variations of the Rubik’s cube. You can choose the simpler versions and use them to teach your kid essential math principles. Solving the cube involves using various skills, which helps kids to gain multiple abilities while young. For preschoolers, start with simple puzzles like the 2×2 cube, then progress to more complex versions.

  1. Clock Puzzles

Most kids have difficulties understanding the concept of time. The puzzle will help your preschooler to understand the perspective of minutes and hours in a basic format. Even if your child won’t grasp the idea immediately, the puzzle sets the stage, and the kid will find it easier understanding the sequence of numbers later on.

  1. Puzzle Doubles- Let’s learn the alphabet.

What a fantastic way to learn the alphabet? This is a 50 piece puzzle with two-sided pieces. With this puzzle, kids have double fun as they earn and play. How can I play this puzzle? You match the alphabets on one side and use the other black- and white side for coloring. The puzzle encourages kids to learn alphabets and color at the same time. It’s an excellent choice for preschoolers, for it allows them to complete various activities at a go.

  1. Word searches

The puzzle has been around for so long. However, it has different levels that you can play with kids at various stages of development. Moreover, your child doesn’t need to understand what the word means to locate it in the puzzle. As your child grows you’ll need more complex puzzles like the 3×3 or Rubik’s cube 4×4.

  1. Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are fun and suit kids of all ages. You can purchase a jigsaw puzzle online or have your child create it at home. No matter your choice, these puzzles help kids become more attentive with an improved memory span. It also helps kids develop problem-solving skills and hand and eye coordination. There are various types of jigsaw puzzles, these include;

  • Educational jigsaw puzzles
  • Large piece wooden puzzles
  • 3D puzzles and more.

A quick wrap up

Homeschooling is easier when you have the right set of accessories. Acquire the best puzzles for your kid and have them learn during play. But, compare prices from different shops to get the best bargains. You’ll be surprised to get quality puzzles from leading stores.