How To Choose The Best Baby Carriers, Slings, And Wraps

Babies are a bundle of joy that marks a new beginning to parents and the family at large. From the innocence to the cute chubbiness they posses, almost all humans who come into contact with them cannot resist the urge to make weird baby sounds with the attempt of putting a smile on their faces. In preparation for the arrival of a new member of the family, specific arrangements need to be done. Shopping of baby clothes, cribs, baby slings and carriers are just a few of the things that need to be in check before their arrival. 

Shopping of baby carriers, slings and wraps can be very overwhelming to a new mother, but the following three tips given can help in making these shopping decisions;

  1.   Consider Their Functionality

When it comes down to making a decision on which carrier you should buy, one of the things you should consider is its functionality. Apart from the explicit purpose of carrying your child, you should also take into consideration if it is to be used at home or for outdoor use. When choosing a sling for the house, consider picking up a type that has a light fabric, has fewer straps and most importantly is comfortable for your baby. A carrier meant for outdoor use tend to be made of a more substantial material as compared to the household one. Outdoor carriers also have more buckles and straps to help hold the baby in place since there is more movement. Once you have determined the functionality, then your search has been narrowed down.

  1.   Pick One That Has Adjustable Options

 Babies tend to grow pretty fast in their early stages. And for this reason, it is wise to choose a carrier, sling or wrap that has a wide range of adjustability. Taking this factor into consideration will save you the trouble of having to buy a new one every time the baby adds on a few pounds. An advantage of getting an adjustable carrier gives the parent the freedom of also carrying their infant either on their back, front or side. It is also easier for a mother to breastfeed her baby using such a carrier.

  1.   Consider The Fabric It Is Made Of

With the wide and vast range of fabrics available in the market, consider choosing a structure that is soft and gentle to the baby’s skin. If you select a stiff fabric, it may cause bruises on your child’s skin while you carry them. Also, consider materials that are easy to clean by the use of mild detergents and ones that are not prone to staining easily. The best fabrics to consider are cotton fabrics. 


From the above tips given, shopping for a baby carrier, sling or wrap should not be rocket science since now you have a guide on what you should consider.  If you follow the above points be sure to make a decision that you will not regret. Remember if you purchase an excellent carrier it might serve not only your first baby but also their siblings. Now go forth and get on with your shopping!