How to write a practice report? Your Options for You

The report on practical work is a student’s work of 30–40 pages, made in printed form, proving that a student has completed work experience in an enterprise. The title page must be certified by the director’s signature and the seal of the company.

Accompanying documents:

Practice diary. a form of reporting on tasks performed during the internship. It is made in the form of a table, where the main fields are: the task, the time of completion, the result and the signature of the head of practice from the enterprise.

Many people think that writing a report on work experience is easy and common, like a term paper or an essay. It’s not like that at all. Any document, including a report on production practice, has a certain structure and rules for writing, which must be observed, but not always it turns out correctly.

So, the practice report consists of:

A section in which the purpose of the internship is determined, its tasks, the documents and regulations that are planned to be used are indicated, the steps of the student during the internship are briefly described;

The main part is a section that usually consists of two parts. The first part is a description of the organization where the internship took place. This is the theoretical part, in which the purpose of the organization’s existence, the principle of its work, official duties and the schedule of the trainee’s work are stated. The second part is analytical, in which all the necessary calculations are carried out, charts, tables, drawings are drawn up. This part should be attached to the report;

The conclusion is a part of the report in which all the necessary conclusions are made, the results are summarized, the knowledge and acquired skills are described, and its own recommendations are given for improving the work of the enterprise. Do not forget to indicate that the mastering of the practice was not possible, but the emphasis should be placed on the merits. The conclusion is usually written on the basis of the introduction and describes the degree of implementation of the goals and objectives. You can follow the chicago format paper example here.


  • Individual documents, regulations, drawings, interviews, statistics.
  • Each application should be brought to a new page
  • References are made in accordance with the requirements of the school. Usually, the documents and legal acts used are indicated first, then textbooks, books and magazines, and at the end. Internet sites and other sources.
  • Goals are the result that the student must strive to achieve. Some schools themselves provide a list of goals, and some give students the right to independently form this item.

Tasks are problem sides or gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed during practice. Each student must independently form for himself certain tasks and solve them. In addition to a certain structure, there are mandatory rules for drawing up a report on production practice.