Students Are Now Getting Their Doubts Solved Online!

As the exam season comes closer, students gear-up for the competition ahead. Due to the covid pandemic, this academic year was very different for the students. The education system had to be revamped in the last few months. The complete academic year was reliant only on online lectures and hence students are finding it difficult to clarify all their doubts. Students did not have a chance to directly interact with their mentors and had to rely solely on what was taught in the lecture. Access to teachers is limited to only a few hours. Many students ask questions during the class without bothering any judgment. But some shy away from asking questions and their doubts remain unresolved. It is important to ensure that all doubts and queries are solved before the class ends.

Although this seemed like the best option for the education system, it was really difficult for many students to grasp and understand the course through online mentoring. Many students could not adapt to the online lectures due to various reasons like attention span, technical difficulties, lack of resources, etc. The lectures continue to be online while students are also being assigned homework and assignments to do post lectures. It is difficult for students to get help from friends or tutors physically due to various covid restrictions.

Studying online requires a lot of self-study which helps in understanding the concepts better. But sometimes students can feel limited to the given information and need external help for problem-solving. They might need an immediate solution for some of their doubts. With recent advancements in technology, we’ve seen a shift from traditional to e-learning or mobile learning. Mobile learning refers to learning through mobile applications. Many companies and coaching centers are now providing solutions to students through their mobile applications. These apps are not only great for educational purposes but are also great for getting information at the right time and right place. It provides students the flexibility to learn. A student can easily access a doubt clearing app and solve any problem. These apps are promoting studying coupled with guidance and counseling from the experts. Most of these apps provide instant solutions to student’s problems. These apps are great for cracking tough exams like IIT, JEE, and NEET. Many apps provide round-the-clock guidance and also provide course materials and video content for better understanding.

These mobile platforms provide access to 24×7 doubt solving sessions, recorded course videos, books, practice papers, and tests. While many apps are completely free, others provide free trials initially. One can easily find these apps in the app stores. For example, if you’re looking for math solutions, you can simply search for math doubts app’ and solve your query. These apps also provide personalized solutions and answers to all your questions. They also have qualified and experienced tutors for every subject. Students can easily upload their doubts on the app and get them solved almost instantly within minutes. If the solution is still unclear to the students, they can directly discuss any doubt with the tutor over chat. These apps are very student-friendly and easy to use. Students can ask any questions on physics, chemistry, mathematics, and more. The solutions are very effective to strengthen the concepts on various topics and students can look up these apps for their homework, assignments, or doubts.