Studying Matters Needing Attention When Studying in the United States

Since the introduction of new visa regulations from the United States, airport security has strengthened the security inspections for people entering the United States. It’s also known as “美国大学排名” in Chinese. U.S. Security Department put forward new requirements for major airports and airlines flying to the United States

  1. Be sure to check passengers and their carry-on baggage;
  2. Focus on personal electronic equipment, including mobile phones and notebook computers;
  3. It is also necessary to focus on checking passenger and passenger compartments in aircraft and cabins;
  4. Add pre-boarding quarantine areas, increase the frequency of explosion-proof dogs attendance, and ensure the use of the most advanced security inspection equipment.

The above stricter security check must be clear for passengers entering the United States before their trip. What precautions must be taken when entering the United States!

1, must enter the customs clearance scan identity

   In addition to some visa-free nationals, citizens of many countries, including China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and holding a valid US visa, must enter the United States to scan fingerprints in order to verify their identity, such as 纽约大学” (New York University).

  1. All entry personnel must be interviewed

   All Americans who want to enter the country must accept all inspections and interviews, even if they are American citizens.

  1. Check every baggage item carried by the passenger

   Passengers carrying hand luggage or checked baggage must undergo X-ray inspection. Some passengers’ luggage will also be checked to confirm that there are no prohibited items!

   Entry into the United States must be honestly declaring the belongings that are carried with you. If the application is untrue or unreported, it may be confiscated or punished. If there is a gift, it is best not to pack it first for customs inspection.

   At the same time, electronic and food products in carry-on baggage must be checked separately!