Supervise Your Kid’s Activities Using Daycare Management Software

In school, many of the parents do not know what is happening and the syllabus and the functions are going to occur in the school. These kinds of things can be known with the help of daycare management software. This is the software that is built to maintain the track sheets, records, activities of your kids and the many other things.

You can also see whether your child has left the school or the school has been closed or ordered to leave earlier. This improves the relationship between the student, parents, bus drivers and the staff and they can able to know every update that has been announced by the school administration. This means that even if your child is going by bus and you do not know what they are doing then this app is the best thing for you to keep track of the children.

The app consists of various features like online registration, secure pickup, check in and out, invoicing, etc. You can also know the details of the school and also the administration can easily able to conduct the campaign, webinars and the many other things with the help of this app.  The app supports all the versions of the mobile and the pc.

Benefits of this app

  • The school administration now no needs to use the papers and the records to write the performance of the Childs. They can able to inform the parents immediately with the help of this app. the app is the effective and the smooth one. The tracking of the attendance of the children and so it is easy to find whether your child has reached the school safely or not. This is an easy way of communication.
  • When the parents have this app then it is more convenient for the school administration and also for the parents to get the notifications directly in their mobile itself. These kinds of facilities help them to watch their kids more keenly.
  • Make the payment safe and secure with the help of this childcare software. The school fees need to be paid and the other extra fees that have been charged can be directly indicated to the parents. The amount that is pending to be paid and also the amount that has been transacted can be known with the help of this app. The secured transaction is the main advantage of this app.
  • This is the app that provides every update that the school has been made. They can also get the details of the school and also they can able to watch the event photos, videos, etc. if suddenly your child does not feel well then with the help of the parent kiosk you can inform this to the school.
  • The event request, webinars, campaigns, and many other things can also be conducted easily with the help of this software. This is easy the easy way for the parents and the students if they cannot able to attend the functions directly then they can do it through the live webinars also.