The best ways to continue your education after finishing an undergraduate degree

If you have an undergraduate degree and are wondering about what is next for you, or if you are ready for a career change but are not prepared to complete a second undergraduate degree, there isa wide range of different postgraduate education options available to you. 

There is a big difference between postgraduate certificates, master’s degrees and PhDs in terms of coursework, time and research, and all of the degrees open up different career options to you, so it is worth taking the time to do your research and deeply consider which program is best for you. Below are some of the most popular postgraduate degrees thatmany newly graduated, returning and mature students opt for. 

Conversion courses

Many of us do not actually know what we want to do when we are 18 years old, and we do not understand the inner workings of various sectors and occupations. Often, you will only really realize what you are interested in after having worked in the industry (or another industry) for a number of years. 

Conversion courses are extremely helpful for returning students seeking a career change. These coursestypically help students take the required core modules of a degree in order to help themquickly transition into the new, desired field. Conversion courses are most helpful if you already have a degree thatis in an adjacent subject area – for example, if you are interested in nursing and you studied biology or biochemistry in college. 

Master’s degrees and accelerated programs

There are many different types of master’s degrees, accelerated programs and specialist doctoral programs. Choosing the right master’s degree will depend on your field of interest, the course’s structure, and the time and energy requirements of each course. Wilkes University offers a range of such courses, including a Master of Science in Nursing degree, a Postgraduate APRN certificate, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. 

The Wilkes accelerated nursing program is an excellent example of one of the accelerated programs. The accelerated nursing program at Wilkes University helps students to become nurses in a timely and efficient way. Wilkes University also understands that returning students require additional flexibility and so itsonline nursing programs are especially accessible for anyone with a busy working schedule. 

PhD programs 

PhD programs are essential for the growth and refinement of knowledge in every academic area, including healthcare and nursing. A PhD requires a significant time and energy investment, but it also opens up many doors to PhD recipients. A PhD in nursing can help you transition into work in research, academia, or as a nurse scientist. 

Choosing the right postgraduate degree is a difficult decision that requires consideration of the course requirements, the career prospects it opens up, and the amount of time and energy you are prepared to invest. However, if you have all of the facts and are able to speak with school administrators and faculty along with current and past students, you will have all of the information needed to make your choice.