The Graphite heroes who rule masterpieces     

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Right from teaching a toddler to write to being a pencil artist maestro these graphite heroes play the protagonists everywhere. Almost everyone learnt to write first using a pencil. Pencils are very sentimental and also very charming makers of history. They even catch topmost places in people’s heart that even grown-ups sometimes prefer writing with pencils.  

Pencils are tools used for writing, marking, drawing and many more utilisations. They are universal products that are used for many purposes. The best pencil is always there when people need it. 

History of the graphite heroes:

The first best pencil was used by the Stone Age man many years ago. However, the modern day best pencil was invented a few centuries ago. The evolution of the best pencil is as old as history itself.

The graphite pencils were invented a few centuries ago. The best pencil works on the simple principle that graphite has layers of its composition carbon, while writing these layers of the best pencil slide over each other leaving behind residues. This paves the way for the impressions from the graphite. Also, graphite is the softest of the carbon family. Since it is also black in colour the graphite started to be used as a writing tool for the best pencil. 

After finding out the soft member of the carbon family, this member was made into thin cylindrical long sticks of graphite. Then to make it the best pencil it was added with a wooden covering over it. This was to facilitate holding and writing using the best pencil. 

Later on, the best pencil evolved into mechanical pencils which operated with mechanisms. The normally 10mm thick cylinder was thinned down to micro levels. The graphite thickness for the best pencil was reduced to 0.5m. This thin graphite was inserted into a mechanical pencil which when pressed at the back works like a piston to push the graphite rod outside the nib frame. This became the modern best pencil and has very good greetings from the users. 

Types of these protagonists;

The best pencil not only has graphite but has been modified in numerous ways. There are different types of pencils available. The best pencil varies with its constituent inside. There were colour pencils which had coloured sticks inside them. These pencils have a different colour pigment added and hardened to give it the colour. However, the graphite wasn’t used here. They had wax or other hardened colouring materials.

Charcoal best pencil:  These pencils are some of the best pencils that can be used in sketching. They can be smudged and hence provide the artist with shadows and effects. They are darker than normal graphite pencils.

Pencils with grease: these pencils have a flowy semi-solid ink like source which is used to write on many surfaces such as glasses, plastics and even metals. They are the best pencil for multi-purpose usage areas. Whatever material they are made from the best pencil always stands true for its testimony.