Tips and Tricks to Ensure Your Online Tutoring Job Is Legit

With most tutoring services now taking place online, finding a virtual teaching and tutor job on the Internet is a lot easier now than before. Not only that, with various online tutoring tools producing interactive learning spaces for children, tutoring professionals can usually engage their students even better than in face-to-face sessions. But with this comes new challenges like job legitimacy. That is why this article compiled valuable tips to help people find a reputable online tutoring job.

Conduct some quality research on available opportunities

One good thing about doing this type of job is people can easily find reviews from clients and other tutors. If the online tutoring job is with an agency, potential clients can quickly look at them in search engines. There is a good chance that people will come across recommendations and reviews from past employees of the agency, other tutors, and past clients, which can help shed some light on the agency the person is planning to join. 

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Another great way to gauge if the job is legitimate or not is to check out their company blog or website. There are a lot of simple things individuals can check to make sure the website is legit. These include:

Check their contact page – Make sure to double-check if the company address matches with their job listing or the address they post on Google Maps can verify their exact location.

Look at their email address – If the agency is well established and legit, there is a good chance that they have an email address with their own domain. If they use a generic email address, that should tell you to back away because it is a huge red flag.

Talk with fellow teachers or tutors in your community

Another way to verify the legitimacy of tutoring jobs is to talk to other teachers or tutors. Find a Facebook group or forum site where people can ask other professionals about their experience with a certain agency or company. It can also help find firms who may have unfair working practices or penalty systems or do not treat their workers well. If a person is not part of a tutoring community, here are some good places they can check out.

If they are joining a certain firm, there is a good chance that they have a Facebook group for their workers or members. Get in touch with the admin to find out more.

For freelancers, they can also find Facebook groups full of freelance online teachers or tutors. There is a good chance that you will find these types of groups on the Internet by doing some research.

Check out Reddit – Subreddits are like Facebook groups; they are dedicated to particular interests or topics. That is why people will most likely find one that fits their situation perfectly. 

Look for a third-party verification (TVP)

If people want to make sure that their reading reviews have been verified, they can look for a trusted website like Google or Glassdoor. Reputable review websites like those mentioned will double-check everything written on the website to ensure that all are legit. 

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Alternatively, people can also look for third-party websites like other established companies endorsing another agency. Look for relevant content like collaborative posts or company directories where the firm was featured. 

Read and understand the contract or the terms and conditions

If the agency has already hired an individual, they need to make sure they read the fine print, terms and conditions, or the contract the agency asked them to sign carefully and thoroughly. If they don’t understand the terms and conditions, they can get in touch with the agency and get clarifications.

Be pragmatic

It can be pretty easy to get excited about a good job prospect. But people need to make sure that the opportunity is not too good to be true. Sometimes, listening to your inner self about a job will most likely save you from getting scammed by fraudulent individuals or agencies.

How do these things work?

To tutor on the Internet, people need to be comfortable with the Internet and computers. It is because interactions with kids will take place through video messaging platforms, emails, or messaging applications. Not only that, a lot of tutors need to create an online or digital learning resources to share with the kids they are teaching, like videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF guides, and audio lectures. 

The best thing about this kind of work is that it is pretty accessible to a lot of individuals. As most experts point out, society needs to bring learning to individuals instead of bringing individuals to learning. Online jobs does this flawlessly. Anyone with access to the Internet can attend lectures via video calls or voice calls. Not only that, students can participate in various discussions through small groups to check topics from different points of view. One simple search on the Internet for “tutors near me” will give you hundreds, if not thousands of search results. It shows you that a lot of people are now doing this job as their main source of income or as a part-time job.

Why do online tutoring?

First and foremost, tutoring provides tons of freedom. People do not have to wake up early if they do not want to. And if they need to take some time off to do some chores, visit family members, or look after their children, they can simply arrange their schedule to suit their needs. In short, individuals can be their own bosses. 

Freelance tutors can still be their own boss, even if an agency hires them. Individuals can decide when they work and how many days or hours they do. Tutors can also take holidays whenever they want or work their butt off if they want to. These professionals are in charge of their time, and that is a pretty liberating feeling as a working individual. Not only that, there is no dress code to follow. 

Sure, tutors need to look professional and presentable if they are on camera, but there are no certain guidelines or rules against wearing flip-flops or shorts. What’s more, online tutors get an opportunity to improve their computer skills. Learning your way around the Internet or computers gives you skills and confidence to explore various software and tools that can be useful for your learning sessions.