When you have decided to live off-campus whether, for additional space or to avoid strict campus riles or just to get important real-life experiences, it can be a struggle to find an apartment. There is a wide variety of apartments which are available for rent in Toronto. If you are living off-campus then consider finding accommodation near the campus. You may have to pay higher rent as there is a lot of competition but you will save on transport costs and also get to enjoy the events of York University ResidenceHere is how you can find a great apartment on a budget.

  1. Search the Internet:

 The internet is a treasure trove where you can make use of several online resources like blogs, websites and social media pages for Toronto renters. You can search for apartments in the likes of PadMapper, RentSeeker, RentCompass, Apartment, Craigslist, Nice Place Toronto and Bunz Home Zone. You can also set up a google alert for whenever there is a new listing.

  1. Consider Older Buildings as a viable option:

We are all tempted to live in the newest and the hippest condos. These glass towers are relatively new and aren’t subject to rent control, which applies only to those buildings which were built before 1991. When you decide to live in older buildings, you will not only avoid initial high rent but also a nasty increase in the rent. You could also consider going for the building which has not been fully finished yet. The building management would be eager to have tenants which will help you to strike a good deal.

  1. Get a Real Estate Agent:

 A good real estate agent has the insider knowledge of where to get a good apartment at a great bargain. Not only that, they will do all the legal work. You won’t have to pay the agent, the fees would be paid for by the building management.

  1. Relevant Documents:

 When you are going to check out the apartments, carry all the relevant documents with you. In case you like an apartment you should get it. There is a high competition for budget apartments in Toronto, so you shouldn’t have to miss out on your dream apartment while preparing the paperwork. Proof of School attendance or employment, Credit Report and References from past landlords as well as professionals and personal references are some of the documents that you would be needing.

  1. Bargaining Power:

 It is time to put those bargaining skills to use and it may surprise you that your landlord may even lower the rent or offer utilities like electricity at a fixed price.

  1. Flexibility:

Be flexible when looking for an apartment because finding what you exactly have in mind might not be possible.

  1. Consider a place where other students also live:

 Students usually tend to live together inconvenient, hip and low-priced neighbourhoods.

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