What Does an Online High School Diploma Coursework Look Like?

Online education is becoming increasingly popular, especially for students who are looking for flexible learning options. If you’re a non-traditional student or are just not a good fit for the traditional high school, you may want to explore the possibility of earning your high school diploma online. So what does online high school coursework look like? Here’s a quick guide to Virtual High School Diploma Programs 101.

Standard Curriculum

The curriculum at most online accredited high schools is similar to what you would find in the typical on-ground school. Coursework covers:

  • English
  • math
  • science
  • social studies
  • visual arts
  • foreign languages
  • physical education
  • career education

As a virtual student, you’ll interact with teachers via text message, email, phone, and chat. You will take tests and complete assignments using your mobile device of choice. You may also receive course materials via textbook or DVD.

To earn your high school diploma online, you can usually choose between a general and college-prep program, depending on your goals.

Self-Paced Study

Online education typically gives you more flexibility than a bricks-and-mortar program, since you can study when and where it’s convenient. However, this shouldn’t be cause to take your coursework lightly. Sticking to a schedule and maintaining good study habits are essential for success, just as with a traditional course. The online high school diploma track is often a good fit for teenagers with time-consuming outside interests or special needs, or adults trying to balance work and family responsibilities while furthering their education. But it requires just as much work (and sometimes more discipline) than your average high school course.

Technology Requirements

To earn your high school diploma online, you will need reliable Internet access and a computer that supports an online content management system (CMS). You may also need certain software programs to access your coursework. It’s also a plus if you’re comfortable using email and chat. Additionally, some online schools offer mobile apps so you can take your coursework on-the-go.

Earn Your High School Diploma Online at JMHS

JMHS offers 3 tracks to help students earn their diploma online: general, college-prep, and career pathways. Our English and math courses align with Common Core standards. Our regionally-accredited program gives you access to engaging course content, learning resources, and personalized career services to help you get the most out of your education. Ready to get started? Contact us for more info or enroll now.