Why Use a Plagiarism Checker when Translating from Turkish?

Many would think that plagiarism applies for articles or content copied from the same language, but it is far from the truth. In fact, it is much easier to translate content from other languages to English as the chances of getting caught this way is quite low. This is very much true when it comes to languages such as Turkish, where the population that knows both Turkish and English is quite low. This is why more and more companies have found a need to introduce plagiarism checker Turkish.

The Search for Information as a Global Activity

Information is quite a valuable thing. Information, which is useless for some, may be a treasure for others. This is why the Internet is always flooding with articles, blogs, and other types of content. Because of the Internet, gathering and using information copied from other sources is on the rise, causing plagiarism. Of course, selling valuable information has always been a part of our culture for a very long time, but it has become much more prominent due to the World Wide Web. 

People surf on the Internet to gather knowledge about a subject they do not understand, or to get inspiration from others’ work. There are even people who seek solutions to their problems. They read them, and reuse them by not referencing the source.

How Translation from Languages Like Turkish Happens?

Translating content from Turkish to English can be quite easy, especially with the help of the Web. There are translation tools that help you translate from any language, but the major problem is some tools may not be good at translating content from certain languages to English. In some cases, the sentence structure and words used will not be appropriate. There are even situations where the entire context of the sentence is completely changed. These errors can be easily fixed by editing the content after it has been translated. This is where the problem of plagiarism arises. 

The major concept of plagiarism is that the content is completely or partially copied from another person’s work, and there is no proper credit or citation given to the original work. Most people, especially students do not know how to avoid plagiarism and misunderstand this concept, and think that it is okay to copy from other languages. Moreover, normal plagiarism checkers cannot find any similarities across any websites. The text like these must be checked with a specific plagiarism checker tool that allows you to find similarities across languages. For example, if you want to find plagiarism in content, and you suspect that the content is translated from the Turkish language, you can use anti-plagiarism checker for Turkish language, and find similarities between them.

Why Citing is Important?

If you happen to come across a great article on the topic you are conducting research on, and have decided to take certain ideas from the article, it is important that you provide proper citations to the original article that you referred to. One reason is when you write an article without any citations for it, you are implying that the content you wrote is entirely your idea, and does not contain anything which is copied. 

The other reason is that writing an article which contains one’s own views and opinions requires more effort than writing absolute facts. Facts can be found easily, and it does not require any citations unless it is expressly stated. When it comes to opinions, the person writing them has to conduct detailed research, and infer from the results he has obtained. By not providing citations for such an article, you are taking credit for the research conducted by the original author which is a serious problem. It is the same for all acts of plagiarism. 

Significance of Using Plagiarism Checkers for Turkish Translations

The major problem with normal plagiarism checkers is it does not scan for plagiarism in other languages, and this is why we have a need for plagiarism tools for Turkish translations. These tools help the user look for similarities between translated content and its Turkish counterpart. It should also be noted that the tools help scan for plagiarisms in English, as well as Turkish. Therefore, you do not have to worry about missing anything.

Tools such as plagiarism checker Turkish, is very much necessary in this day and age to avoid plagiarism.